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2 Accounts on KIK [100% working]

Two KIK accounts on one android phone

In this Post am going to explain how to use to KIK accounts on one android phone.

To make two KIK account on one phone we have to get a third party application. The application's name is Multiple Accounts.

Follow the instructions below to setup two accounts for KIK

Step 1: Download KIK messenger 

Step 2: Download Multiple Accounts app

Step 3: Install the Both Applications.

Step 4: Open The Multiple Accounts Application and press the "Add" button

Step 5: Select KIK in the Add screen

Step 6: Now press the KIK image in the Multiple Accounts App and Setup ur Account

The Multiple Accounts app can work for all Messenger (whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram etc).

Happy chatting


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