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Thing to consider before installing an Android Application

Take the following steps before installing an Application on Android:
1. Type the App Name Correctly
Simply by typing the right names, you can avoid downloading the wrong applications. If you plan to download ‘Whatsapp’ and you typed ‘Whatsfapp’,  it’s a different application entirely. Most often, the misspelled applications are malwares.
2. Check the App Size
If you’re short of data, it won’t be a bad idea to know how much data you’ll need to download the application.
Gone are the days when you can resume any application download on google Playstore but lately, once cancelled you’re done for real.
You’ll have to start over thus, check this before clicking the install button.
3. Check Phone Space
After checking your app size, know if your phone space can cope with it. For most apps 100mb and less will do but for games, 1GB space may not even be enough. Try and check before you start downloading an app.
4. Check Ratings
These are usually rated on a scale of 5. For most apps, a rating over 4.0 means it’s good and safe for download. Even many Google apps are just over 4.0 and you can also compare it with the number of downloads. Apps with high downloads means it’s widely accepted and if the ratings are good (above 4.0), go for it.
5. Check Reviews
The reviews on an app can tell you a lot about it. You can know the flaws of the app, the strengths, and even the features.
If it’s having bad reviews then you have to leave it. Reviews can tell you so much about an application. It’s for me the best way to know a good or bad application on Playstore before installation

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