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5 Alternative to bluestacks

Android emulators are application software that allow android applications run on other platforms(eg. Windows, MAC) and bluestack is a a very good one.
But there are other software that can perform this same function.

This is a list of Bluestacks alternates:

1. AMIDuOS (Not Free) 

  This is one of the fastest Emulators of all time depending of the performance of your computer. 
Bluestacks Alternatives
AMIDuOS is one of the fastest Android Emulators of all!
As it’s a complete Android OS, AMIDuOS gives you the full freedom of installing and enjoying any and all the apps from the PlayStore. There’s virtually no limit on its usage.
Switching between Windows OS and Android is really super-easy. No dual boots are required. You can switch your running Android device with a single click.
Although, it’s not free.


  1. No dual-boot. Seamless switching between Windows and Android: This is one of the most productive features as you don’t have to keep restarting your PC just to switch between the 2 Operating Systems. With just a single click, you’ll then land into your booted Android device.
  2. Full Android Experience: It’s the real Android phone running on Windows hardware! It’s simply that same Android phone brought to you in a larger screen, with more power and virtually no limitations at all!
  3. Application Compatibility: AMIDuOS can run almost every Android app from Play Store. To help you get started, it also comes preloaded with the Amazon App Store. It is ARM v7 compatible, which can run all your popular ARM apps as well.
  4. Performance: There’s a lot with AMIDuOS on board. It supports 3D, to give you a seamless Android gaming experience on a large screen. What’s better is that it uses Windows’ OpenGL drivers to improve the FPS of the games. Along with gaming, it’s carefully crafted to give you the best battery life as well!

2. Console OS

Image result for console os
This product is meant to bring an adequate version of Android OS into your Windows-powered PC, as native as it ever could be. It’s to be noted that Console OS is more like a Linux distribution that can be installed in your PC, alongside Windows, rather than a tool that you can launch & use when you want. Plus, due to the absence of live sessions support, you will have to install Console OS even when your purpose is testing. Nevertheless, It offers some superb features when you approach it as a way to use Android, in your Windows notebook.
Noteworthy features of Console OS include running two apps side-by-side, desktop-friendly user interface, Google Play App Import support, etc. It has full compatibility for Android Kitkat and development for Lollipop is going on. If you are hardcore gamer then you’d be happy to know that OpenGL ES 3.1 enables Console, which means you can play high quality games on this OS without having to worry about anything at all.

3. Droid4X

Image result for droid 4x
Droid4X is another Android emulator that provides some amazing features overall, being lightweight and less power consumer.
It’s more of an Android simulator, which when installed and run on PC can be controlled from your mobile devices as well!

4. Andy Android Emulator

Image result for andy emulator
Andy Android Emulator is a typical android emulator for Mac & Windows that you can depend upon when you are fed up with the limited storage option and limited screen size of your Android Smartphone and need something more. Working with Andy Android Emulator is an easy task, as you can install it, launch it using a click and start having the Android experience, right away. In spite of all these, Andy Android Emulator gives a lot of incredible features, which make it an adequate alternative to Bluestacks App Player. Now, we will have a look on those features.

5. Nox App player

Image result for nox emulator
The most interesting feature of Nox App android emulator is that it runs on Android 4.4.2 kernel and is compatible with Windows 10 as well. The latest version, Nox App Player 3.7.5  was released on 11th November and there were many errors fixed and several features were added as well. 

Apart from the listed software there are much more emulator

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