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Best way to burn CD/DVD on Windows

Ten years ago, you’d rarely find a computer without an optical drive in it. Nowadays, that’s changed. Because we have cloud storage for file sharing, music streaming services for our tunes, and video streaming like Netflix, CDs and DVDs are less important.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll never need optical media. Whether you burn home videos for friends, make your own CDs for the car, or just use discs for safekeeping, a good CD/DVD burner software is a must. Nero is a household name for this, but it’s bloated and a pain to use. Of the great alternatives to Nero we’ve shared, BurnAware might be one of the best.
BurnAware, which was just updated to version 10, is available in a free version for home use. The free version lets you burn bootable discs as well audio and video discs. It also supports Blu-ray and lets you burn across multiple discs. These features are all made better by the improved user interface new to version 10.
The free version is probably enough for most people, but you can get more with a Premium or Pro upgrade. Premium lets you copy from disc to disc, extract audio, and recover files from bad discs. The Pro edition does all this plus lets you burn an ISO to many drives at once, which home users shouldn’t need. BurnAware Free is fully functional and isn’t trialware.

BurnAware supports Windows 10 all the way back through XP, and is a great tool to keep in your kit for working with dics. It’s far better than Nero!

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