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How to use WhatsApp on Windows PC and MAc

WhatsApp being one of the best messaging application in the world will surely be able to run on Windows Platform. There are different way to run WhatsApp on Windows and MAC.

Method 1: Android Emulator

Since android emulators are just like android phones on windows and MAC platform, all we have too do is to download WhatsApp .apk file and install it in the emulator. The installation method differs from on Emulator to another. To know the best emulators you can get, click HERE.

Method 2: WhatsApp Windows Application

WhatsApp have a an application that run on windows platform without emulation. This application only favours people that already have a whatsapp account running. All you have to do is to Open the application and Scan the QR Code with Your phone's whatsapp. This application requires Windows 8 and higher with an OS higher than 32bits and it requires Mac OS X 10.9 or higher. The application software is FREE and you can get it HERE.

Method 3: Using a Web Browser

The fact that you are reading this Post means that you are using a Web Browser. This Web browser can be used for WhatsApp too. All you have to do is to launch your browser and enter web.whatsapp.com in your address bar and launch it. This also requires an active whatsapp account on ur phone. 

Visit whatsapp.com/dl on your mobile phone to install.

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