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APKUpdater: Update Android Apps without Play Store

update apk without play store
Update android apps without Play Store. APKUpdater lets you download & install app updates without the help of Google Play Services & Play Store.
Updating an android app is as easy as ABC. But when it come to minimalists say, custom ROM users, don’t always install Google Play Services and Play Store on their android phones. So without Play Store, the users have to manually check whether an update has come to an app by checking the version number and changelogs. This definitely takes some serious time. But why do they prefer a ROM without Google Play and its related apps?
The benefits include reduced (almost none) battery drainage, increased storage space and lots more. Being said, the former scenario is hectic in such a way that the users might need to hit external APK teardown sites like APKmirror to fetch the updated APKs.
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Wouldn’t it be crazy if you could still update your favorite android apps automatically even without installing Google Play Store? XDA developer rumboalla has made an awesome app which lets you install updates from external sites within few clicks.
APKUpdater‘ doesn’t automatically download and install the updates without your command. You would have to check for an app update and download it. But it’s still way lot easier than comparing the version details and last update date.

APKUpdater Features

  • Get updates from multiple sources.
  • Schedule background update checks.
  • Supports Android 2.3 to 7.0.
  • Modern material design with multiple theme support.
  • Display notifications when updates are found.
  • Ignore list for apps that should not be checked for updates.
APKUpdater is a tool that simplifies the process of finding updates for your installed apps. It will provide functionality similar to an app store without having to install the associated spyware that comes with it. This is a very useful app for those not using Google Play store in their devices.
– official XDA thread

How to Update Android Apps without Play Store with APKUpdater

  • Download and install APKUpdater from the download section below.
  • Under app settings, choose the preferred APK source. You had better select APKMirror.
  • Under ‘Updates’ tab, find whether there are updates available for the installed apps.
  • Tap and download the updated APKs.

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