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Cool Trick to Download Torrent Files Faster

What is Torrent ?

Torrent is today’s most used system in the world. Torrent is used to download extremely large file from the internet. Torrent is actually depend upon Seeders and Leaches, if the seeders and leaches and few then the downloading speed of that torrent file will be very slow. There are many software’s comes to download torrent files most famous among them is utorrent and Bittorrent. Torrent will become slow if you have low upload speed because torrent is uploading file as well when you are download any file.

What is IDM ?

In “Downloading” purpose, Internet Download Manager (IDM) use in a very large amount because of its speed and many useful functions. If you download the torrent file through Internet Download Manager (IDM), it will be download too fast with compare to utorrent or Bittorrent. Also it will never depend upon your Upload Speed. So without going to further details, lets discuss and know that how we can download torrent files with Internet Download Manager with maximum speed?

Steps to Download Torrent Files with IDM:

Step 1: Download any Torrent with torrent websites .Eg kat.ph

Step 2: Go to zbigz.com, click on “Upload Torrent” and Upload the Torrent file that you have downloaded from Torrent Website.

Step 3: After choosing file, click on “Go!” and then choose Free Download.
Step 4: After click on “Free Download”, wait for a minute until your downloading is to be ready.

Step 5: When your downloading is ready, click on “.Zip” button to begin your downloading. Also you have multiple choice, you can download files one by one or anyone from torrent file.

 Your download is starting when you click on “.Zip”, If you Internet Download Manger is not opening when you click on zip, copy the Zip button link and paste it to Internet Download Manager.

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