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How to Repair Corrupted RAR Archives with Recovery Record

Repairing Corrupted RAR Archives with Recovery Record is a simple but unknown trick, I think. That’s why most our users constantly asking a method to repair corrupted rar archive in Winrar. I can’t assure if this works perfectly for you because sometimes your corrupted archive doesn’t create a recovery record.
Recovery record is created while uploading the archive to the server. But sometimes, due to large size or something else, it couldn’t be formed.
If your corrupted RAR belongs to the first scenario, the chances are there. In most cases, the files can be corrupted due to several reasons such as the upload/download process, problems with the server internet connection, etc.
Let’s come to our guide. The only things required before moving to the topic is a corrupted RAR archive with winrar.
Instead of wasting bandwidth re-
downloading the corrupted part(s),
check first if the archive has a
Recovery Record. To check if it’s
present, check the Properties of the
archive (Right-click >> Properties).
If it’s present, you have a good chance
of fixing the archive. In case if it’s not there, say bye bye to this tutorial. You
can just re-download the corrupted
WinRAR and click the “Up one level”
button. Highlight the corrupted part(s), go to Tools and select “Repair Archive” or just simply press “Alt+R”. A box will pop up and select “Treat the corrupt archive as RAR”, and click “OK”
Then the repairing process will begin soon. Please be patient. Wait until you see the message “Done”, and then click “Close”. New file(s) will show up with their filename. having the prefix “fixed.”
Move the corrupted part(s) in other
location just in case. After moving the part(s), rename the repaired file(s), just remove the prefix “fixed.”, so that it’ll have the same file name along with the other parts.
After renaming the file(s), you can now
extract the content(s) of the archive(s)
without errors.
How was it? It works in almost all cases( if recovery is created). alternatively there is a complex procedure to fix corrupted RAR archive with HEX editor. I will be posting it for sure.

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