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Setup the Fastest Genymotion Android Emulator in Windows

What is Genymotion ?

Genymotion is the fastest Android emulator for app testing and presentation. Genymotion is the evolution of AndroVM open source project, already trusted by 300 000 developers. Here I am using 64 bit Windows 8 for using Genymotion. Here we are going to setup Android 4.2.2 on a Windows operating system using Genymotion. To setup Genymotion in Linux go to http://www.jidegurublog.com/2017/03/setup-genymotion-android-emulator-in.html

Features of Genymotion:

1.Fastest Android emulator on the planet.
2.Do your simultanous automatic tests on unlimited virtual appliances .
3.Directly launch Genymotion from your Eclipse and Android Studio platforms.
4.It has Open GL acceleration ,multiscreen and full screen display.

Steps to Setup Genymotion Android Emulator in Windows OS:

1.Go to http://www.genymotion.com/ and sign up.
2.After logging in download genymotion for Windows 32/64 bits from the following link.
3.Download and install virtualbox for linux from the following link.
4.Now run the the downloaded genymotion-1.1.0.exe and install the Genymotion on your PC.
5.Then launch Genymotion and login with your Username and Password.
6.Select Add to create a new virtual device, then select a device from the list and click Add.
genymotion windows, genymotion eclipse
7.Then select next and the Virtual image starts downloading.
8.When the download is completed select next from the window.
9.Then you will be asked to enter a name for the downloaded Genymotion virtual device. Enter a name and select create and the click finish.
10.Now the virtual device will be listed in “Your virtual devices” in the home screen.
11. Then select play to start your virtual device.For the first time it asks to configure sdk path for using ADB , select the sdk path and you will be booted to Android home screen.
Here are some of the screenshots of Genymotion Android emulator running in my 64 bit Windows 8
genymotion windows, genymotion eclipse
genymotion windows, genymotion eclipse

Configure Genymotion with Eclipse IDE:

1.Open Eclipse and select Help->Install New Software.
2.Enter the URL http://plugins.genymotion.com/eclipse and hit Enter
genymotion windows, genymotion eclipse
3.Genymobile will be shown, select it and click next.
4.Genymotion Eclipse Plugin will be downloaded and installed.
5.Now restart Eclipse IDE the plugin will be active.
6.Now you can run your apps developed in eclipse in Genymotion Android Emulator.
genymotion windows, genymotion eclipse
App running in Genymotion from Eclipse

Configure Genymotion with Android Studio:

1.Download genymotion-idea-plugin-20130716.jar plugin from the linkhttp://plugins.genymotion.com/plugins/idea/1.0.1/genymotion-idea-plugin-20130716.jar
2.Open Android Studio IDE
3.Open File->Settings and the IDE Settings->Plugins
4.Choose Install plugin from disk and choose the downloaded genymotion-idea-plugin-20130716.jar
5.Now Apply Changes
6.In Android Studio select Run->Edit configurations
7.Select Target device as Show chooser dialog.
8.Now you can test your Application in Genymotion by choosing Genymotion from the Choose Device dialog while running your Application.

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