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How to Speed Up Your Computer

Computers are getting more powers by the day as people need instant gratification when they send emails or read web pages. Over time, most computers will begin to run slower unless steps are taken to improve performance. Here are things you can do to speed up your computer.
how to speed up your computer
There are ways to make computers to perform faster…
What are the ways to make your computer perform faster? Let us know in the comments.

Get Rid of Adware and Malware

Adware and malware are among the top reasons computers slow down. If you have adware, your search results will be redirected or you’ll notice an increase of pop-up ads. Malware is damaging programs or scripts downloaded without your knowledge that are configured to steal personal data. You can find a good many free programs to remove them.

Free Up Some Disk Space

Hard disk has a very huge effect on your computer’s speed and if it’s overloaded, you’ll feel that your computer speed is slow. For this reason you need to free up some space on your hard disk. Use a free tool that already installed in your computer in Microsoft Disk Cleanup. Just go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup. This tool will calculate how much of free space can be freed and you can select which files to delete which mainly are temporary or unused system files. If you are not sure if those files should be deleted and think that you might need them later, a good and safe solution to this is to move and store those files on an external hard disk drive.

Speed Up Hard Disk Response Time

A hard drive that has not been defragmented can be another chief cause of slow computers. The  hard drive gets fragmented when it attempts to store numerous files together. If the hard drive is too full, it won’t be able to place all the new files together. Running the disk defragmenter will help solve this problem. Again this useful tool is already installed in your computer.

Start-up Programs

An important step to speed up your system is to reduce the number of programs that start when your computer is rebooted. Some of them start so you can have them as you need them but they can turn into a drainer of resources. The ideal thing to do is take the ones you aren’t using very often off the start-up list. Only allow the ones you really need to start with your computer.

Virus Scans

Most computers come with one but if not you can find low-cost as well as free antivirus programs. These will usually scan your hard drive for potential virus infections in 45 minutes or less.

Scan the Windows Registry

Finally, in my opinion the most common reason that slows down and freezes a computer is an overloaded Windows Registry. The registry is the place where all crucial and necessary files for Windows to start up are stored and key entries for software installations are made. There are many utility software to fix this problem and one of them is RegCure. ReCure is able to recognize unwanted files and organize critical files efficiently, scan the registry and keep it clean regularly. If you want to fix your slow computer, get rid of all the errors and bugs, try using RegCure.
After you have performed the above steps, you should be able to speed up your computer. Restart your computer to check the results. Repeat the steps a few times a week to boost performance. So if next time your computer is showing signs of speed decreased over time, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that it’s too old or not good enough, try the tips above to see if it’ll change things up and if proper maintenance are practised, your computer is likely to perform at its peak for a very long time.

Last Resort: Factory Reset Your Computer Using Recovery Partition

This method will bring your system back to its original purchased condition. That said, all your files and data will be deleted, hence you might want to back up your important files and data before proceeding with this step. For more information on how to perform this method, read here.
Has your computer’s speed decreased over time? What are the best ways to make it run faster? Do you use any of the above methods? Let us know.


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