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Fixing Docky to work properly in Kali Linux!! Easy Way!!

Docky is one of the most important utility in any linux system, the problem that many Kali Linux users face after installing docky in kali linux is that many options of animation, zoom and intellihide are not accessible it shows the following error!

So in this post i'm gonna show you how to install and fix docky to work properly in kali linux!

for installation use the following command!

after installation you will find that docky is not working properly! so error is that docky requires compositing to work properly so, we need a composting manager and we had one in our kali linux repository!! i.e. xcompmgr

what actually is xcompmgr ??

xcompmgr  is  a  sample  compositing  manager  for X servers supporting the XFIXES, DAMAGE, and COMPOSITE extensions.  It enables basic eye-candy effects.

so, now we have to install xcompmgr in kali linux, use the following commands in terminal

This will basically install xcompmgr in kali linux! Now one last thing is that we wanna docky and xcompmgr in kali linux to start when system boots! So for this purpose we must add docky and xcompmgr in startup application section of kali linux for that just press ctrl+space this will open Synapse(link for installation of synapse in kali linux) and you need to search for startup application like in the picture below

open startup applications and it will look somewhat like this

 Here go to add option in startup application prefrences and add two options one is docky and other is xcompmgr like this
and restart your kali linux and now docky works great with all it's option like this! :)

Thanks :)

p.s:-> You need to delete the down panel and make it's options available in upper panel of kali linux so that docky looks great downwards, so for this purpose press alt + right click on the panel and you will find the settings to customise kali linux panels! comment if you want to make me a post on the panel settings thanks !

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