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Installing Rhythmbox player in Kali Linux!! Easy Way!!

The problem with kali linux is that it comes with a single media player and that is VLC media player! There must be a audio player like RhythmBox(comes by default in Ubuntu) or Banshee(comes by default in Linux mint) !!

In this post i'm gonna show you how to install Rhythm box in kali linux !

1.) First of all open the terminal of kali linux and type the following command in kali linux

apt-get install rhythmbox

Now rhythm box will be automatically downloaded from kali repositories and installed in the system!

Now to open RhythmBox in Kali Linux
go to Application => Sound & Video => Rhythmbox Music Player

Your Rhythmbox must look like this 

That's it! Enjoy your new audio player in kali linux!

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