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Installing themes, icons & mouse cursors in Kali Linux!! Easy Way!!

The default themes, icons and mouse cursors are quite ugly in kali linux!!
So, friends in this post i'm gonna show you how to install themes, icons and mouse cursors in kali linux!

1.)Firstly you need to install gnome-tweak-tool in kali linux, so type the following command in terminal !!

2.) Go to Gnome-Look and download the  desktop theme, icons and mouse cursors for your kali linux!!

3.) Then after downloading themes, icons and mouse cursors in you need to extract it, you can use command line or simply use the gui tool aka archive manager provided in kali linux to extract the tar balls!

4.) now you need to copy the themes and mouse cursor folders in /usr/share/themes and icons folder in  /usr/share/icons

for example:-  in case of mouse pointer

That's it now you need to open the gnome-tweak-tool that you just installed
 which is located in =>
application => system tools => prefrences => advanced settings
in advanced setting open theme tab, it will somewhat like this

now you just need to play with options like Cursor theme, icon theme, GTK+ theme and window theme!!

thats it ! Enjoy!!

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