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The Easiest Way to Get iPhone Emojis on Your Android Device

Everyone loves emojis, but some folks aren't quite happy with the way the little yellow guys look on their particular phone. In order to replace them, however, your device needs to be rooted, and you'll usually need to perform some complicated procedure that ends up making your phone hard to update since it modified a ton of files on your system partition.
To solve this predicament, developer Théo Bertacchini packaged Apple's emojis into a Magisk module that you can install in just a few quick taps. Not only does this mod get you the iPhone's emojis, but because it's using the systemless Magisk framework, it doesn't leave behind a sloppy trail of modified system files that you'd have to clean up before you could accept an OTA update. Put simply, this is the easiest and cleanest way to get Apple's emojis on your Android phone.


Step 1Download the Magisk Module

To get started, tap the following link from your Android device to grab the Magisk module that will transform your emojis without altering anything on your system partition.

Step 2Install the Module & Reboot

Next, open your Magisk Manager app and head to the Modules section, then tap the floating action button at the bottom of your screen. From there, use the next menu to select the emoji.zip file that you just downloaded, then wait for the module to be installed, and tap "Reboot" when prompted. Yep, that's all there is to it!

Step 3Enjoy Your New Emojis

When you get back up, your favorite keyboard should now be sporting iPhone-style emojis. Most apps will also display the iOS emojis, though some, like WhatsApp, use their own set of smileys. Nonetheless, you just got the iOS emojis in just a few quick taps, how cool is that?

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