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How to Recover Deleted Contacts in iPhone

If you are using an iPhone, stop worrying and use one of these simple steps to recover or restore deleted contacts.
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Recover From iTunes Backup

itunes backup
• Connect your iPhone to iTunes and click the option of Recover from iTunes backup file.
• Backup files are displayed and choose the folder you need and start scanning it.
• Contents of the scan are displayed in a detailed and organized way.
• Look for messages and contacts option and check the contacts box in it.
• Click the Recover button to successfully save the contacts to your device.

It is advisable to stop syncing your contacts with iTunes after you accidentally lost contacts as the sync will replace old data with the existing one and you will lose the chance to find the lost data.

Recover Deleted Numbers from iCloud

recover from icloud
Retrieving lost contacts from iCloud is the easiest way if you have previously synced your mobile with the iCloud account. Log in to your iCloud account and check if the deleted contacts are there. If yes, then
• Go to the settings in the home page of your iOS device.
• Tap on the iClouds option and turn off the contacts.
• Enable the popup message saying “keep on my iPhone” and turn on the contacts.
• Select the Merge option to merge your current phone contacts with stored iCloud contacts.
• After a short period, you can find the deleted contacts back in your phonebook.

3. Retrieve From Google Contacts

from google contacts
This works only if you have Google account and if some time ago you have synced your contacts with your account.
• Once your mobile is connected to a secure net, go to the settings in the home screen page.
• Find mail, contacts, and calendars option in it.
• Under that window, go to accounts section and tap at Add account.
• Under this new option find Google and log in to your account.
• Enable contacts button in Gmail which helps in syncing contacts with your mobile. In a short time, you will find deleted contacts in your mobile’s phonebook.

4. Retrieve Through iPhone Messages

through iphone message
Desperation can make you try all possible ways to retrieve lost contacts. There is a chance that this method may work and try it to leave no option unturned.
Unlock your mobile and go to the messages icon. Open the folder and click the new message icon. In that “TO” field, type the name of the lost contact or starting numbers if you remember. Pop-up appears sometimes of the deleted contact even if it’s not present in your phonebook now. Save the contact details.

5. Restore By Installing a Third-Party Software (For Those without Backup)

third party cloud software
There are a lot of cloud services and data recovery apps which help you to retrieve lost data from your iPhone. Install anyone of them like iPhone contacts recovery and follow these steps.
• First, connect your iPhone to your computer and install the software and let it run on your laptop or desktop.
• The detected iTunes backup files will be displayed on the interface.
• Select a backup file and run the scan for it; on completion of scan, the data found is displayed on the screen.
• Check the contacts option and click recover and save them on your system. Transfer them to your mobile securely later.

This is probably the effective and safest way to restore your lost data without the fear of losing current data on your iOS mobile.

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